Short video demonstrating Pegasys Cloud Solutions making AD password resets available to your end users to self service password related items, both securely and error free!
A large New York City based private school with over 2000 students enrolled, added clerical staff to augment their service desks when they had time since no training was required and they could hit the ground running with handling large portions of the tickets that came in on a daily basis. Onboarding and terminating employees takes 2 minutes to actually complete the work request and thats with approvals in place!!. Talk about lined up for cost savings and staff empowerment??!!!

20+ hours saved on 3 request types!
Those daily high-volume IT requests now completed in record time, 100% error-free End-users have discovered our solution to instant ticket resolution This quick video shows AD password reset being completed by a non-technical end-user with no help needed! Boost Your Business in Minutes, deliver IT operational excellence in just a few clicks Empower your team to spend their valuable time focusing on strategic endeavors

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