Learn how Pegasys Cloud Solutions helps companies streamline IT processes to save money and increase productivity.

All-In-One Dashboard

Easily navigate through Pegasys Cloud Solutions dashboard to quickly spin up containers and execute basic IT functions. We’ve designed Pegasys Cloud Solutions to be fast, simple and intuitive. A few clicks is all it takes to manage, add or modify users, restart servers, manage networks and firewalls, and much more.

Fully Integrated

Our customers rely on multiple on-premise and cloud-based solutions to run their businesses. Pegasys Cloud Solutions seamlessly integrates with existing APIs so you can get up and running quickly. Click here for a full list of integrations.

Eliminate System Silos

Silos between departments and systems that don’t talk to each other create inefficiencies that slow businesses down. Create and assign tickets in Jira, set up a new employee’s Microsoft Office Suite, manage users in RingCentral, and more all through Pegasys Cloud Solutions. One tab in your browser houses all the systems you need to complete tasks quickly.

Self-Service Onboarding

We designed Pegasys Cloud Solutions to be fast and simple to use. That same philosophy was extended to the onboarding process as well. Sign up for and get up and running in just a few minutes.

Technology Expense Management

At-a-glance visibility into all the technology your organization pays for. Pegasys Cloud Solutions provides customizable charts and graphs so you can see where your finances are going on a monthly basis, identify trends, and plan budgets.

Easily Export The Data You Need

Export data you need quickly. What used to take hours or days to complete can now be done in a matter of seconds. The solution also provides bulk-upload templates that you can use to add or modify users in an instant.

Audit Logging

Keep track of everything that happening across IT with our detailed audit logging function. Know which users were responsible for executing specific functions and when they were executed.

Track Employee Productivity

You want your best employees doing their best work. Visually track their outputs to identify opportunities to maximize productivity and gain insight into the most pressing urgencies you should be allocating your resources toward.

Manage & Update Users

Pegasys Cloud Solutions integrates with your favourite tools and allows you to manage, add, and update users for different tools all from a single dashboard. It’s truly simple.

Database Management

Data is messy, cluttered, and disconnected. With Pegasys Cloud Solutions you have access to clean, crisp data management features that help you keep your data organized.


Pegasys Cloud Solutions was developed for business leaders who want to run their companies smoothly. You don’t have to be in IT to appreciate the savings gained from using Pegasys Cloud Solutions. Basically, if you’re in finance, operations, or a C-Suite exec you can leverage Pegasys Cloud Solutions to save your organization time and money.

Pegasys Cloud Solutions was developed by two IT consultants who’ve been in the industry for more than 3 decades. It was born out of the premise that traditional IT doesn’t work for modern organizations. We’re so confident that you’ll love the solution that we’re willing let you test it out for free. If you don’t absolutely love what Pegasys Cloud Solutions does for your company then you don’t pay a cent. Simple as that.

Getting your business’s self-service portal instance up and running has never been easier! Once you are signed up with Pegasys Cloud Solutions simply follow the messages to get set up with multi-factor authentication (Cisco Duo or Okta) and then access will be enabled. The system continues to walk you through the setup process. PLUS, we can help you as needed. Let’s get you started today!

Not as much as you’d think! The speed, value and workload at which Pegasys Cloud Solutions enables your daily IT tasks, makes it very competitively priced. You can easily see pricing options for yourself. Just use the online calculator tool to build your own custom quote in seconds. This quote is customized to your particular needs. Your fixed price monthly pricing allows you to budget with peace of mind.